Rudy   lives   in   Dunedin,   which   is   only   ten   minutes   drive   from coastal   beaches   or,   in   the   opposite   direction,   forest   and   sub- alpine   trails.   The   sunsets   are   regularly   spectacular   and,   away from streetlights, the evening skies are filled with stars.
Atmospheric Electronic Music from New Zealand
New   Zealand   is   a   collection   of   South   Pacific   islands   with   four million   people,   most   of   whom   live   in   the   northern   city   of Auckland.   This   leaves   the   southern   areas   with   an   abundance of unspoiled rivers, mountains and beaches.
See “Landscapes of New Zealand” on the Links page for more stunning images by Gilbert van Reenen
The reflective music of Rudy Adrian is very much inspired by these influences.
Design: Grant Holman